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How to Change the Plugs in Nissan Frontier

Replacing your sparking plug in the 2005 version of Nissan Frontier should be a routine part of the vehicle’s maintenance schedule. If you are wondering about how to change the plugs in a 2005 Nissan Frontier, then this post guides you through it.

Refer the owner’s manual for the number of miles at which it is suggested to replace spark plugs; most recommendations vary between 79,000 and 100,000 miles. Cold starts can be avoided by replacing the spark plugs while it also assists in preventing break to the catalytic converter and maintaining best engine performance.

Below are the steps to be followed for replacing the plugs:

  • Unplug the negative terminus from the automobile battery. Whenever, you are working on your car’s engine and particularly on any part of the electrical plant, you should unplug the negative battery terminus for safety reasons.

  • Use a plug spanner with 10mm adapter to remove complete three coil pack bolts. After unscrewing the coil packs, you’ll also require taking out the primary oxygen detector connector so that you’ll have adequate space to reach the sparking plug.

  • Utilise the 5/8-inch sparking plug adapter with socket wings to eliminate the primary sparking plug. Put in the newly purchased sparking plug and spin it by hand utilising the socket adapters until they are tight. Once the sparking plug is crocked in its gob, crank down on that with a torsion spanner to be sure that it is closed with the sparking plug gob. Repeat this process for the other sparking plugs on the driver’s side.

  • Refit the coil pack bolts and the oxygen detector that were detached before.

  • Eliminate the air consumption tube so that you’ll have a lot of room to access the sparking plug. You’ll be required to use a socket spanner with 8mm adapter. You’ll also need to remove the top manifold and 2 vacuum hoses on the air cleaner to access the fifth and fourth sparking plug gobs.

  • Remove the accelerator plug and connector from the accelerator body in addition to the plug and the connector that sits on top of the manifold. Additional joining would be required to undo the metal bracket, which is situated at the back of the manifold too. Now, the manifold and electric harnesses are far and you’ll be able to reach the sparking plugs.
  • Eliminate the 10mm bolts from the glower manifold so that you can roll it up and out of the way. There is an extra set of 12mm bolts on a support bracket beneath the accelerator body, which also needs to be detached.

  • Cover the imparted consumption ports so that no dirt or dust falls on them.

  • Reiterate the same formula as before when you dismantled the 10mm bolts. Replace the fourth and fifth sparking plugs with the new ones, assuring that they’re tightened and covered with their gobs.

  • Refit the coil packs. Set the upper and lower manifold parts back on, assuring that you set all of the bolts; ensure that the connections are in right place. Countercheck to be sure that everything you removed has been replaced in the engine in reverse order.

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