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How to Remove the Driver Side Mirror from a Nissan Murano

Replacing or removing a side view mirror on a Nissan Murano is much easy; you don’t have to take the vehicle to the dealer and spend hundreds of dollars. This post gives information on how to remove the driver side mirror from a Nissan Murano.

Instructions to follow

  • First of all, open the driver side door and power down the window by turning the ignition key off; it is recommended to remove the keys in order to prevent unintentional power demand during the process.

  • Try to find the small trap door in the door handle and force open the door of the trim with a small screwdriver.

  • Unscrew the screws located under the trap door.

  • Make use of the small screwdriver to force open the widow control module located in front of the arm rest assembly.

  • Pull out the two wires plugs from beneath the control module. Set the control mode in safe place.

  • Separate the two bracket screws by opening the control module.

  • Force open the door handle away from the door panel by utilizing a plastic tool. Starting from the top, continue your work downwards up to the bottom until it is detached or separated from the door. Keep away the assembly by disconnecting the wire beneath the door handle in order to prevent damage.

  • Eliminate the screws which are set above the horizontally angled door by using a screwdriver.

  • Try to pull out the door panel in order to unfasten the retaining clips of the panel from the seats under the panel.

  • Try to disconnect the door handle rods from the panel, by giving support for the door panel.

  • Softly force open the side view mirror from the interior door frame. Unplug the attached side view mirror wire.

  • Separate the retaining nuts by securing the side view mirror hoops using a wrench; hold the mirror in one hand before unscrewing the last nut. Separate the mirror by softly snooping away from the exterior door frame and feeding the attached wires through the access hole.

You have just learned how to remove the driver side mirror from a Nissan Murano; drop in your comments if you encounter any problems.

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