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Mercedes-Benz SL Class: Changes to Look Out for

With just a week to go for the much-awaited global launch of the new Mercedes-Benz SL-class, enthusiasts have started the countdown to witness the big day.

The new SL-class is all set to be launched on November 18 at the 2015 Los Angeles Auto Show. Do you think there’s any other better place than this to take the cover off and reveal its styling? This luxury drop-top is an ideal choice of a lavish car only for the wealthy business-class enthusiasts.

As an enthusiast, if you are wondering what changes the new model is likely to come with, here’s a quick look based on the teaser images that the automaker has just revealed in its shadowy preview.

The refreshed hood of the new SL-class is simpler and smoother than that of its predecessor. The headlight redesign is one change that can be seen very evidently. At every corner, they look thinner than that of the current model. The bumper has also been upgraded with four inlets with a double-decker in the center and one on each side. Keep an eye out to see its revamped front fascia at the auto show.

The 3-pointed star is kept intact in the chrome bar of the grille. However, it gets a diamond grille design as in the other new Mercedes models. The lower grille also gets a fresh design with a rounded top. There’s a little change to the headlamps as well that retain the flowing design of the housings.

The spy photos that were revealed earlier during the year indicate many more upgrades for the revamped SL. These include refreshed exhaust tips and a new rear bumper. You can also expect potential enhancements to its infotainment system apart from few more interior updates.

If you are an avid fan of Mercedes, photos of the new SL-Class can keep you guessing about its tweaks till you actually look at them at the launch. Don’t miss out news reports about its global launch that we are all set to post shortly!

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